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Lightbulb Live-streaming trading on Twitch

Hi I'm a Business student from Sweden who just started up a stream where I am trading! I've been trading a lot, mainly derivatives with stocks, indices (DAX included, since OMXS30 is very correlated to it), currencies and commodities as underlying. I've been away from it for some time, but now I'm back with a vengeance, and I'm streaming on Twitch to make it a bit more entertaining!

The purpose is not only to maybe be educational to those who’re just interested, but to have fun. Main goal is to create a nice atmosphere. Although I have some experience, I'm not a trading professional (went to last round for a trading position at a firm though, but got totally owned by the mental maths test).

I just got an alright overlay installed, which I hopefully will make say ”Alright, Bud Fox” just as Gordon Gekko does in Wall Street when someone subscribes. I would love some feedback or tips on what to think about when streaming!

I will stream for a few hours tonight at around 18.00 GMT+1

Check it out!
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Standard AW: Live-streaming trading on Twitch

We will kick you out in a few moments.

Fail early to learn quickly.

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war schon öfters hier
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Standard AW: Live-streaming trading on Twitch

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