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    Why not take a chance and invest in an exciting company from Sweden, building VTOL UAVs?

    CybAero develops and manufactures unmanned helicopters known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for an international market. The helicopters are adapted to the unique requirements of each individual client, and cost effectively and safely reduce the risks to people in hazardous environments.

    Over the past decade, UAVs have seen the most dynamic growth of any sector in the aviation industry, and this strong growth is forecast to continue until 2020. Most UAVs are currently fixed-wing UAVs, over which unmanned helicopters have many advantages. For example, they don't need long runways, which most ships don't have, and they can capture images better when hovering sice they operate at lower altitudes.

    The APID 60 is an innovative product developed by CybAero's world-class aircraft engineers and has been tried and tested by our clients in hostile environments the world over. CybAero is at the leading edge of developments to create an unmanned future.

    Cybaero is involved in the following projects:

    Indra Pelicano, Cybaero built Helicopter


    Cassadian (EADS) Tier2, Cybaero built Helicopter

    Aerovironment (US), Cybaero built Helicopter,

    Nasdaq, First North

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    AW: CBA Cybaero

    3 Stocks for the Future of Drones, av Travis Hoium

    "AeroVironment Management Discusses Q2 2013 Results - Earnings Call TranscriptMultiple AV customers have an unmet need for a vertical takeoff and landing capability in this Tier II class, and AV will offer a practical and reliable solution for this need. We now have months of developments and flight test experience with pioneering European product solution that we have optimized for U.S. customer requirements.

    The agreement we announced yesterday with the Swedish company CybAero positions AV for entry into this Tier II UAS category. We have integrated this solution with our existing handheld Ground Control System and concept of operation to minimize system footprint, operating cost and complexity. This system integration will expand our Family of Systems to a broader solution for those customers that need both small UAS and Tier II vertical takeoff and landing. An important example of such a customer need for both capabilities is the Department of State, as is evidenced by their request for proposal for Unmanned Airplane System services described earlier. This VTOL UAS will also enable a new standalone Tier II solution with compelling competitive advantages for customers with that need. We believe the dollar value of the Tier II UAV market to be larger than the Tier I market. We expect this new UAS to capture a growing share of the Tier II market and drive significant revenue growth with both current and new customers.

    Leveraging our balance sheet to acquire rights to the CybAero UAS got us to a great customer solution faster and cheaper than developing the core capability internally. We look forward to serving important customer needs through a mutually-rewarding relationship with CybAero."
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      AW: CBA Cybaero

      Gibt es eigentlich einen bestimmten Grund, dass solche Werbe-Accounts noch frei posten dürfen?


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        AW: CBA Cybaero

        The biggest project involves Aerovironment in the DoS (Department of State) procurement to protect and secure american embassy, delayed until this spring 2014.
        ( $1 Billion contract under 5years) , if Aerovironment and CybAero get that constract we have a rocketlaunch coming

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          AW: CBA Cybaero

          looking good


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            AW: CBA Cybaero


            5.5M Euro ORDER

            Stock is upp 80% today
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              AW: CBA Cybaero

              CybAero asia order is a major breakthrough.
              I Think this is the start of a real success story . At last, a small technology company with a good product,
              low Market value and that seems to have competent salesstaff . Niklas Nyroth is an accomplished salesman picked
              from their biggest competitor Schiebel . Smart move CybAero .

              From the press release last fall :
              " - Work in China is an extremely interesting part of the marketing effort we began a year ago .
              Just disaster Preparedness alone expected China to invest in about 2,000 UAVs. "

              and yesterday this

              "We see a number of markets in Asia that have the potential to evolve and become interesting for us.
              This is our first order in Asia and hopefully the beginning of a long-term cooperation , says Niklas Nyroth .


              ( use Google translate)


              Do not forget that this large order is just the beginning and that the aftersales is a larger revenue than the sale itself. And that the next order if it is China it could be significantly higher . Market just on disaster preparedness is expected to be about 2,000 helicopters in China. This order is just a small bunch of helicopters.

              Aftersales is significant business in this market segment.

              " CybAero has since 2011 expanded marketing efforts , which subsequently
              produced results. The agreement with AeroVironment is a direct result of this bet. A significant number of prospective clients in Asia, Middle East
              Africa awaits demonstration of APID 60. potential
              order values ​​ranging from 10 million to several hundred
              million per contract ( CybAero , for example, during October
              2013 received a " Request for Proposal " on new market for contracts with
              a total contract value exceeding EUR 200 million). "

              Good luck with your investments


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                AW: CBA Cybaero

                Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market (UAV) Worth $114.7B by 2023


                Vtol Uav predicted to have a market of $5.2B by 2023

                Nice that little CybAero is also mentioned in the article.

                Who cares about 3D printing, they would have to print money as high as they are valued.


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                  AW: CBA Cybaero



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                    AW: CBA Cybaero



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                      AW: CBA Cybaero

                      RPAS0.9 - Activities on RPAS Integration Assistance and Demonstration for operations in Non-segregated Airspace - ARIADNA
                      MAIN OBJECTIVE: Ensure safe execution of a RPAS flight using a D&A system compatible with existing safety nets and operating procedures. Trajectories will be exchanged with ATC taking into consideration the latencies and uncertain trajectory basis for RPAS operations; Satellite- Based Augmentation System (SBAS) based approach & landing of RPAS in aerodrome and Concepts for a RPAS Ground-based situational awareness system (GBSAS) will be used.
                      VALIDATION APPROACH: Flight trials and simulations on a fully unmanned helicopter INDRA Pelicano.
                      TYPE OF RPAS: Rotary Wing
                      PROJECT ENDS: October 2015


                      another high potential project involving CybAero/Indra Pelicano


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                        AW: CBA Cybaero

                        Indra Displays its State-of-the-Art Defence and Security Systems in Brazil (2013 )

                        "The company attends this event as a leader in the roll-out of coastal surveillance systems in Europe. More than 5,000 km of borders throughout the world are controlled using technology of the company that leads the European Perseus programme for safeguarding the continent's coasts."


                        It will also display a reproduction of its new MRI P2006T maritime surveillance and intelligence aircraft, for which the development was recently completed. The system offers the highest detection capabilities for the lowest acquisition and operation price available on the market. It includes an electro-optical camera, radar and an AIS vessel identification system.

                        The company will also display a reproduction of its Mantis unmanned tactical aircraft, which is easily deployed and can monitor an area with a 30 km radius. It will also provide information about the Pelicano UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) helicopter, which has a range of approximately 150 km."

                        Read more:
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                          AW: CBA Cybaero



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                            AW: CBA Cybaero

                            "Asked Perzeus at AG to look at CybAero and he did this to me:


                            Note that we also possibly has a super bowl with handle on the verge of possibly formed extending from March 2013. If we break 35 with good volume then it will go uphill. Target the little cup and handle is 45 and the greater will be about 60.



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                              AW: CBA Cybaero


                              Additional information about CybAero order from China - Announcement of customer
                              The Swedish company CybAero, listed on the First North stock exchange, received in January of this year an order for unmanned helicopter systems to be delivered to China Customs. The purchased systems will be used for various tasks such as customs control, port management, and to counter smuggling. CybAero is one of the world’s leading players in the field of unmanned helicopters. In January, the company received an order from Jolly Limited (Hong Kong) and the Chinese shipbuilder CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation) for unmanned helicopter systems to be used by China Customs and at the end of February, the company also received a license to export from the Swedish Export Agency ISP. China Customs will use CybAero’s unmanned helicopter APID 60 from ships. “We are extremely excited about the high confidence received from the customer”, says Mikael Hult, CEO of CybAero AB. First Order from China The Chinese order is very important for CybAero in several aspects. “This is a milestone for us. It is our first order from China, an extremely fast growing market with large sea areas to be monitored”, says Mikael Hult, CEO CybAero. Strong interest from Asia CybAero’s unmanned helicopter has received considerable global attention due to the fact that it is highly durable and cost effective. It has a range of 200 km and a flight time of six hours. The order for the Chinese customs is the result of many years of work within the Asian market. “We have received this order in strong competition with both domestic and global leaders. This is an important customer with great future development plans, and we look at this as the start of a long-term cooperation”, says Niklas Nyroth, Sales and Marketing at CybAero. The order is a large leap for CybAero into the extensive Asian market. “This project is for China Customs, and we see great opportunities for further orders from this particular customer”, says Niklas Nyroth. “The project is also an important reference for the entire market in Asia. Several countries in this region view China as a technology development leader, and when a Chinese customer has decided to invest in our unmanned system, so will other clients with similar needs”, says Niklas Nyroth. For more information please contact: Niklas Nyroth, Director Sales & Marketing, CybAero AB Phone: +46 70-896 12 46 E-mail: [email protected] Read more: Films: About CybAero CybAero AB develops, manufactures and sells autonomous, unmanned helicopters (called VTOL UAVs) and related sensor systems for both defense and civilian missions. CybAero formed in 2003 on the foundations developed in 1992 through research collaboration between Linköping University and the FOI (Swedish Defense Research Agency). CybAero is today with its brand APID established as a leading global player in the VTOL UAV field. The company´s product APID has received considerable global attention for its durability and cost effectiveness. CybAero is headquartered in Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping. The company has approximately 30 employees and is listed on NASDAQ OMX First North. Remium Nordic AB, phone +468-454 32 00, is Certified Adviser. About China Customs China Customs is a government agency that supervises and manages all arrivals in and departures from the customs territory of the mainland of the People's Republic of China. It exercises a centralized management structure. Its essential tasks are customs control, revenue collection, fighting smuggling and foreign trade statistics compilation. It shoulders such major responsibilities as duty collection, customs control, supervision and management of bonded operations, foreign trade statistics compilation, audit-based control, customs intellectual property rights protection, fighting smuggling, and port management. About China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) is a government-owned shipbuilding conglomerate engaged in shipbuilding, ship-repair, shipboard equipment manufacturing, and marine design and research in China. Through subsidiaries CSSC provides tankers, containerships, passenger ferries, self-unloading ships, deck machinery, lifeboats, diesel engines, and anchors. It also builds warships for the Chinese Navy. In addition CSSC exports ships and other products worldwide. Major enterprises include Shanghai Shipbuilding Company, Guangzhou Shipbuilding Company, Jiujiang Shipbuilding Company, and the publicly traded China CSSC Holdings Limited. CSSC was founded in 1999. Jolly Hong Kong Jolly (Hong Kong) Limited a company established in Hong Kong. Supporting the growing demand of high technology oceanographic and aeronautical equipments in China in the last decade, Jolly has been working hard on this business segment and showing encouraging results. Successfull introduction of various new generation products into the China market. Chief successful factors is, the strong relationship with our customers, contributed by our proactive management team and the professional service of our engineering team.