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Starbreeze, game development

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    Starbreeze Studios is a game development company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden

    Starbreeze Studios is one of the oldest game developer studios in Europe. It was founded in 1998 in Härnösand, a city in the northern region of Sweden. In 2000, the company merged with O3 Games from Östhammar just east of Uppsala. The studio then set up camp in Uppsala.

    Having worked as a work for hire studio for over a decade on titles like Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and Syndicate, Starbreeze Studios is well known in the game development community and amongst gamers world-wide.

    As the digital age is transforming the game industry from a retail driven market to a digital distributed one, Starbreeze Studios is leading the charge with brands funded by the studio itself – set for digital distribution.

    To accelerate this strategy Starbreeze Studios joined forces with Stockholm based OVERKILL Software in 2012. OVERKILL are the makers of the critically acclaimed Co-op game PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2. Aiming for maximum efficiency, both development offices relocated to Stockholm in the spring of 2013.

    Starbreeze Studios has had ten games published. With the acquisition of OVERKILL Software we also have four game titles that we own ourselves.

    PAYDAY: The Heist – the million unit selling, PC and PlayStation 3 game.
    Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons released in the summer of 2013. Brothers is a unique collaboration with renowned Swedish film maker Joseph Fares.
    PAYDAY 2, the sequel to PAYDAY: The Heist, released on August 13th 2013.
    STORM, our [WIKI]long[/WIKI] term project in production behind closed doors.

    Press release February 27th 2014 Half-Year Report July 1st-December 31 st 2013
    >Net sales amounted to SEK 40.1 million (SEK 13.1
    >Operating income before depreciation, EBITDA, amounted to SEK 29.1 million
    (SEK 0.2 million).
    >Profit before tax amounted to SEK 24.3 million (SEK-1.0 million) and profit after tax amounted to SEK 18.1 million (SEK-0.8 million).
    >Earnings per share before and after dilution were SEK 0.01 (SEK-0.00).
    >As of 31st December 2013, cash and cash equivalents to SEK 77.6 million
    (SEK 20.7 million).
    >In December a new agreement was signed with 505 Games for continued development of PAYDAY 2. The agreement ensures revenue of USD 6 million during a two-year period for Starbreeze.
    >In the second quarter PAYDAY 2 accounts for SEK 35.5 million of net sales.
    >Brothers-Tale of Two Sons began generating revenue for Starbreeze during the quarter. The quarter's revenue of sold games amounts to SEK 1.6 million.
    >During the quarter, PAYDAY: The Heist game sold for SEK 3.0 million.
    >Net sales amounted to SEK 130.4 million (SEK 25.8 million).
    >Operating income before depreciation, EBITDA, amounted to SEK 110.5 million (SEK-0.1 million).
    >Profit before tax amounted to SEK 103.7 million (SEK-2.5 million) and profit after tax amounted to SEK 90.3 million (SEK-2.5 million).

    Interesting Stock analysis (google translate, Swedish to English)

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      AW: Starbreeze, game development



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          AW: Starbreeze, game development

          Overkill's The Walking Dead Reveal Trailer



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            AW: Starbreeze, game development

            Starbreeze analysis ( google translated to english)


            Review - 2014-08-20

            Starbreeze, traded on OMX First North Premier (ISIN SE0005992831) with a view towards the OMX Small [WIKI]Cap[/WIKI], is a Swedish computer and video games developer known for the digital success "PAYDAY 2" and the critically acclaimed "Brothers".
            New Strategy

            From the past (up to 2012) worked as a "work-for-hire", Landes developed computer games based on other people's brands, operations in 2012 and 2013 been recast and Starbreeze is today a world leader in terms of digital distribution of proprietary brands. The new strategy has proved very successful and the company has since 2012 traded 186.6 million on these brands.
            The turn-around

            Starbreeze has for the past 9 months has generated an [WIKI]EBIT[/WIKI] amounting addict to 119.7 million, compared with the previous 15 years of accumulated deficit of 94 million.
            Game [WIKI]Portfolio[/WIKI]

            Stabreeze owns the Payday, Brothers and game project STORM. PAYDAY 2 which is Starbreeze's first major financial success further developed with additional package (DLC) and free updates during a two-year contract with the publisher 505 Games totaling $ 6 million. In addition, develops STORM, a game project described as "Payday in Space" for shareholders and investors.

            In August 2014 it was announced that Starbreeze with Skybound do Overkill's The Walking Dead. Based on the wildly popular television series The Walking Dead.

            Games [WIKI]portfolio[/WIKI] so far has an estimated 500-600 million, of which Starbreeze has received 33.1 million for PAYDAY: The Heist, 148.9 million for PAYDAY 2 and 3.5 m for the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.
            Own brands

            Starbreeze own successful brands as they capitalize on, primarily through digital distribution. With the value and interest in the particular payday franchiset it plans to expand its offering through spin-offs, merchandise and drop to new platforms. Through digital distribution has also a unique touch with its customer base of which over 1,250,000 subscribe to news regarding PAYDAY second Through the creation and ownership of their own brands in addition to its own revenues. Starbreeze will come to place their bets themselves implying a marginal gain of approximately 100% for the next game release.
            High potential

            Starbreeze offers a high potential for investors and at today's values, a low risk compared to the potential the company has. The higher margins on games, an expanded offering, royalty from joint-venture development Landes spin-offs and merchandise as well as growth of the customer base is assessed both sales and profits grow. Through the strong box office, low cost base and strong cash flow is paying off potential good stability for valuation. Dividend The potential gives, compared to peer companies, a need for premium valuation.

            With the successful PAYDAY franchise and The Walking Dead in the [WIKI]portfolio[/WIKI] Starbreeze has a very interesting [WIKI]long[/WIKI]-term potential.

            Below is a forecast based on the sales of The Walking Dead and Payday 3 on 2m at full price (SEK 150 net) and 2m for 50% discount. In between selling STORM Project X and 70% of the latest released games.

            Based on time for analysis, rate 11.5 SEK.

            Apparently, a base-case scenario is a doubling potential in the future compared with the peer group. The target price is set after all of SEK 17 in the current situation, and then we'll see how the sales of the next-gen version of PAYDAY 2 (not counting the forecast) and STORM sell.

            For 2016 is expected to score around 40-45 per share, and hence should be a Starbreeze-investment occur over this horizon.



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                AW: Starbreeze, game development


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                  AW: Starbreeze, game development

                  6.5kr -> 22.5kr.

                  Now i tipp Impact Coatings, ticker IMPC, first north, [WIKI]nasdaq[/WIKI]