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QBNK, The smart mediabank

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    This is a Little upcoming star in the DAM business.

    2014 sales 15MSEK
    4.4MSEK Before depreciation and tax
    1.5M result

    Market Value 30MSEK

    40% growth/year very good quality clients good quality partners

    ”Digital Asset Management software (DAM) is designed to keep your media files safe and secure. Be it photographs, videos, logos, and more, these systems seek to keep your company's branding materials cohesive and protected”, Capterra writes. QBank is #11 on the list, which contains some of the market’s largest vendors like Canto, Celum and Adobe.

    ”By being on the Capterra top-20-list, we will most certainly gain more international requests as well as getting a better position internationally for future collaborations with partners and customers,” says QBNK’s [WIKI]CEO[/WIKI] Carl Petruson in a comment.

    About Capterra
    Capterra is an American software advisor, specialized in SaaS (Software as a Service) such as Digital Asset Management